Doinita folk ensemble was founded in 2008, under the lead of Gheorghe Leasa,at the Students' House of Culture from Bucharest. Many generations have developed their artistical skills and got in contact with the Romanian traditions within Doinita folk group.

Doinita folk ensemble has participated in many folklore shows, public and private events, but also national and international folk dance festivals. Since 2008, Doinita has succesfully represented Romania in:

  • 2008 – Spain and Italy
  • 2009 – Finland, Turkey
  • 2010 in Cyprus and Scotland
  • 2011 in Italy
  • 2012 in India
  • 2013 in Poland and Serbia
  • 2014 in England and Finland
  • 2015 – Lublin, Poland
  • 2016 – Azores Islands, Portugal
  • 2017 – Slovenia
  • 2018 – New York-USA, Martvili-Georgia, Sermoneta and Pignola-Italy
  • 2019 – Cordoba Veracruz and Zacatecas – Mexico

Doinita folk ensemble has a varied repertoire, that includes folk dances from all regions of Romania: Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea, Moldova, Ardeal, Banat, Bihor, Maramures. Every dance is performed in its specific costume.

Our folk group is an ambassador of Romanian traditions. We perform folk dances at the highest level, animating any event into a memorable moment.

Gheorghe LEASA

Founder of Doinita folk ensemble